Free Web Hosting

This article provides you some instructions and help to guide you through the creation of your website ! And this… freely! is not affiliated with PlanetHoster.

During the last year, PlanetHoster released a new hosting solution. It is totally free. You can get a free domain name with a free server and a free database. The aemil and necessary setup to create your website.

Enjoy the free web hosting with PlanetHoster!

Firstly, go to World Lite – PlanetHoster. It’s a free and easy-to-use web hosting solution. PHP, MySQL Database, Email and Site Builder are included.

  • Choose a domain name.
  • Choose a datacenter : France or Canada.
  • Fill the form below the domain name area.

After the verification step, you will receive an email to access your username and your password — defined by PlanetHoster. However it may have a bug and then you couldn’t get your login informations. So, start the password recovery process with email address you entered before. Then you could set your main account password and access your PlanetHoster account.

Now you have your own website hosting !

Okay, you have a host for your website. But you don’t have a functional website yet. So let’s start using your host. Click on “1 Product” (right side of screen).

You’ll get some informations. Most important are in “Login Details”. There, it is your login informations for your World Panel. It is the main interface to control, configure and manage your host. Pick you password by clicking on blurred characters, it will show you the password clearly. You can just save it or change it. Depending on what you want.

Then, click the button “Word Panel”, enter you login informations (obviously) and follow instructions below :

  • In CMS/Application block, click blue “W”. It is WordPress. WordPress is the most used Content Management System. Hum.. Site Builder if you prefer. Why you should use WordPress?
  • Choose Protocol : https:// or https://www
  • Remove wp directory
  • Enter you site name and description.
  • DON’T ACTIVATE MULTISITE (if you don’t know what it is and how it works)
  • Then, enter your own login informations.
  • Don’t desactivate the last options if you don’t have any skills in web security.

Then click on “Install” button.

Now, you can use your completely-freely-hosted website by reaching your domain name. To edit it, add /wp-admin to the address.

I hope, it was helpful. Bye !