My name is Guillaume COQUARD. I’m currently studying Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence in the Master of Science of EFREI Paris (a private french engineering school). I already have a Master degree in Computer Science from University of Paris Saclay. I learnt a lot about Algorithmic and Graph Theory and Software Engineering there.

I also take to heart to help and support students in their life at school or university. Therefore I’m glad to be the Honorary President of Association Info Evry, the student association of Computer Sciences Department of University of Evry, and a proud member of EFREI Linux and EFREI Picture Studio communities.

I’m passionate about design, interface design and photography and I like to explore fulfilling new paths, hence the links below:

  • LinkedIn – what I professionally went through.
  • GitHub – what I am working on.
  • Twitter – what I think about what I’m working on.
  • Instagram – what I share.
  • Flickr – what I share #2.

That’s it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.